Borderlands 3 Save Game Location

Borderlands 3 is one of the best titles that have been announced this year, the game has its share of problems. But keeping aside a few problems, the game is perfect and does everything better than it’s predecessors. I’ve been playing this game from the last 10 days, I haven’t run out of content yet. I am enjoying everything. The story itself was of more than 30 hours, which is insane considering the amount of story we get these days.

Most of the games nowadays make use of Cloud Saving, but thanks to Epic’s broken cloud saving feature many players are losing their progress. Which is why everyone is recommending to disable cloud saving from their epic launcher. After playing for almost 40 hours, I lost all of my progress. Had to borrow my friend’s save the file to continue playing. To make sure this doesn’t happen with you, please turn off Cloud-save feature by Epic.

Borderlands 3 Save Game Location

Borderlands Save File Location: My Documents > My Games > Saved > SaveGames > “random profile number” > “1.sav”

This 1.sav file is your character save, if you have multiple characters, then you’ll have 2.sav and 3.sav depending on the number of characters. Before editing or tweaking anything make sure that you back up these files, these are the only important files keeping your progress.

I’ve already written a guide about Fixing FPS Lag issues, that you can use. Do let me know if this helped you out using the comment section below.

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