Control – How find a way into the Maintenance Sector

Looking for specific areas or locations can get pretty confusing in Control at times. As the game doesn’t give you directions or waypoints at many instances, it becomes your responsibility to explore the map the look for the locations you need to go to all by yourself. So getting lost in this world is pretty easy.

If you are struggling to find a way to get into the Maintenance Sector then you have come to right place. Here is how to get to the Maintenance Sector.

Control – How find a way into the Maintenance Sector

After you get the Directorial Override mission from Emily you will be then asked to search for a way into the Maintenance Sector. It is easy to get lost while doing this mission as there is no waypoint or marker showing the Maintenance Sector on the Map.

Surprisingly you don’t even have to go to far off places to get to the Maintenance Sector. Just stand at the location of the Central Executive Control Point and look around. Look for the sign board that says Sector Elevator.

Move towards that sign board and you will see a huge elevator. When you get close to it you will hear the voice of the Janitor. That is how you will know that this is the place you are looking for. Just enter the elevator and interact with it. You will then see the option Maintenance Sector Access Corridor. Select that and you are good to go.

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