Control – How to beat or defeat Hiss-corrupted Tommasi

Having a tough time dealing with Hiss-corrupted Tommasi? Don’t worry we got you.

Control – How to beat or defeat Hiss-corrupted Tommasi

Who is Hiss-corrupted Tommasi?

Hiss-corrupted Tommasi is the first boss that you will face in Control. He is basically just a regular human being whose body has been taken over by the Hiss. When you face him he will be flying around the whole area and he too has telekinetic powers.

How to kill Hiss-corrupted Tommasi?

Killing Tommasi the first time you see him is actually pretty easy and straightforward. Pretty regular mechanic which involves damaging the boss until the health bar is fully depleted. When you enter the fight just make sure that you are behind cover all the time. Use the pillars around you. Tommasi has telekinetic powers like you so he will throw objects that hit very hard. So just shoot, take cover, reload and repeat.

Don’t try to use telekinesis on him as he will dodge everything most of the time. The only time you can hit him with an object is when he is getting ready to throw those metal parts at you. So it is better to just use your Service Weapon. You can use your telekinesis power to throw objects at the regular enemies when they spawn though. Save your bullets for Tommasi and throw objects at the regular hiss corrupted enemies. It will insta-kill them and you would be able to focus on the main boss more.

If you end up losing health then you can kill the regular enemies and pick up the blue health fragments dropped from them. Tommasi also drops a lot of health fragments. So if you have managed to hit Tommasi quite a few times then just check the ground below him and you will see a lot of fragments there. If you don’t make any mistakes, you would be able to take down Tommasi in no time.

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