Control – How to unlock or get new weapon forms

Weapons in Control can be really tricky. Tired of playing with the bland Service Weapon and wondering when are you going to get something new? Well, lets see how you can get new weapons in Control.

Control – How to unlock or get new weapon forms

One thing you need to keep in mind while playing Control is that you don’t actually get new and different weapons in the game. The one and only weapon that you will get is the Service Weapon which is not a regular weapon but a special weapon. And that is it.

The reason you don’t get different weapons in Control is because the Service Weapon is a weapon that can take different forms and each form is completely different from one another. There are forms that will allow the Service Weapon to fire fast, do more damage, do AoE damage, etc. So you have to unlock new forms of the Service Weapon in Control.

Now, in order to unlock or get a new weapon form you need to first unlock an additional weapon form slot. You get your first additional weapon form slot by spending 3 ability points to unlock or upgrade your abilities. After you have gained the weapon form slot. Here is how you can construct new weapon forms:

  • Go to your nearest Control Point and interact with it
  • Select Astral Constructs
  • Click on Weapon Forms
  • You will now see the Weapon Forms that are available
  • You will also notice the Required Materials section under each Weapon Form that will tell you about the resources that are required
  • If you have everything then go ahead and construct the Weapon Form
  • Finally you can go and equip the newly constructed Weapon Form from your Loadout

The first Weapon Form that I constructed was called Shatter. The Shatter is very useful for close range combat as it fires a scattershot that is very good for crowd control. So keep on collecting new Weapon Forms and keep on unlocking more possibilities for your Service Weapon.

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