Control – How to upgrade and unlock new abilities

Wondering how to unlock and upgrade new abilities in Control? Let me show you how.

Control – How to upgrade and unlock new abilities

After you have completed the Unknown Caller mission you will get a new mission called Directorial Override. As soon as you get the new mission another message will pop up on your screen that will say that you can upgrade and unlock new abilities from the nearest Control Point. You will also get four ability upgrade points.

So do as you are told. Go to the nearest Control Point which should be Central Executive in this case. Interact will the control point and you will see that the Abilities option is now available. Select Abilities and you will be taken to the upgrade screen.

Initially you will get to unlock or upgrade your health, energy, melee and launch damage. I would recommend spending one point on each one of them and unlock them all as unlocking one of those  four abilities costs 1 point but upgrading them costs 2. So use them wisely.

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