Destiny 2 – How To Find Chest Locations in Europian Aerial Zone (EAZ)

The time you are provided with to collect the chests is pretty low, every time I was missing atleast one-two chests after completing my EAZ runs. Well don’t worry there’s a way you can track these chests easily.

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How To Find Chest Locations in Europian Aerial Zone

To track these chests you need a ghost shell with either of these two perks: “EDZ Cache Detector” and “EDZ Combo Detector”

I already had the Skyline Flipside Shell that rolls with the EDZ Combo Detector perk. But, you don’t have to have this one, there are many ghost shells that you can obtain with legendary shards.

Just head to Season 1 Ghost Shells and Click on “EDZ Shell” (the green shell) which costs 250 glimmer and comes with the EDZ cache detector perk.

Once you have the Ghost Shell equipped you will be able to see all the chests within the given proximity. If for some reason the chests don’t appear, you can aim towards different places (use a sniper) and the chest will appear on your screen.

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