My Dell Laptop Wont Turn On Even When Plugged In [Fix]

My Dell Laptop Wont Turn On Even When Plugged In [Fix] – Is your Dell Inspiron laptop not turning on? Was it fully charged? If you have not made any attempt to resolve this issue how would your laptop will be back on its working mode? If you don’t know what should be done at such irksome situation then, this article will help you to tackle this trouble.

My Dell Laptop Wont Turn On Even When Plugged In [Fix]

My Dell Laptop Wont Turn On Even When Plugged In [Fix]

First of all, you should perform a hard reset as this resolves many minor issues. If your Dell laptop still cause the same issue then you should follow the recommended solution given below based on the symptom that your laptop is experiencing.

But, before moving to that solution you should check if your laptop has enough power. If it indicates a red light then, it means the laptop needs charging. Leave your laptop on charging for at least 2 hours so that you can perform other tasks on it. Also, make sure that the power source is working correctly. If not, you need to change the power source. Additionally, the adapter should be working fine.

Hard Reset Technique.

  • Shutdown your Dell laptop, detach the AC adapter and then, remove the battery safely.
  • Also, detach all other external devices attached to your laptop such as mouse, printer, keyboard, etc.
  • Now, drain the residual power by pressing the power button for 15-20 seconds.
  • Once this is done, connect the AC adapter and the battery.

Check if your computer work now and boot into the OS. Follow the other techniques to resolve the issue based on the symptom showing on your system.

Flea Power

When your Dell laptop uses flea power then it can interrupt while powering on the laptop. To resolve this issue you should drain the flea power by following these steps:

  • Detach the Ac adapter.
  • Detach the battery
  • Press the power button for some seconds. 

Connect the charger and now try to power on the laptop without the battery. If the problem was flea power then it will turn on now.

If your problem is still the same then there could be an issue with your graphic card. When a graphic card gets overheat it causes your system to shutdown suddenly to avert any further damage.

Ventilation or Overheating

  • Ensure that your laptop vents are not blocked by some thing and it is places on a proper ventilated place.
  • Use a compressed air to blow off the dust collected on and nearby fan.

Tip: Don’t blow off the duct directly as it might cause damage to your laptop.

Dell Customer Care

Sometimes you cannot resolve the issue that may arise in your laptop like hardware or any internal error. In that case, you are free to contact Dell Customer Service who is always ready to give a helping a hand to their customers. There are different means of communication to reach them i.e. call, email and chat support. Feel free to reach them to resolve your query.

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