Bluetooth Not Working, Missing, Won`t Turn On Windows 10

Fix for Bluetooth Not Working, Missing, Won`t Turn On Windows 10 – Bluetooth devices are useful in every manner and the main beneficial thing is that you are free from wire mess. It’s wireless, inexpensive, automatic and you can share pictures, video and data with the other devices. However, the sharing through Bluetooth is done over short distances. But it’s great when it helps us to connect our computer to external devices.

Bluetooth Not Working, Missing, Won`t Turn On Windows 10

Bluetooth Not Working, Missing, Won`t Turn On Windows 10 [Fixed]

It’s not always easy to use the Bluetooth with your Operating system and we have noticed numerous users complaining about Bluetooth error in Windows 10. Most of the users faced this issue after Windows 10 update. Well, whatever the reason is we have come up with a great solution for you.

  1. Check the information of your product: If you have a new device to setup and Bluetooth is missing, make sure that the product has Bluetooth capabilities. Some of the devices don’t have this facility.
  2. Check if the Bluetooth is turned on: If it is turned on, you can see the Bluetooth icon located on the right at bottom bar. If not, move to Start> Settings> Devices> Bluetooth and Devices. Tap the blue icon to turn it on. If your laptop has a Bluetooth switch then make sure it is turned on.
  3. Check your Bluetooth device: Ensure that it is turned on, enough charge to connect another device and also located in the range of your Computer. Also, try turning off the Bluetooth after waiting for few seconds, turn it on again.
  4. Check your Operating System:
    • Make sure that airplane mode is off. If it is turned on, go to Start> Settings> Network & Internet> Airplane Mode. Under this option, turn off the toggle button.
    • Turn off and then turn on Bluetooth: This may resolve your issue as it will be a fresh start.
    • Detach the Bluetooth device and then add it again. Move to the Start button> Settings> Devices> Bluetooth and other devices. Under Bluetooth , click on the device you are facing issue and then Remove it. Confirm your action by clicking on Yes.
  5. Launch Bluetooth troubleshooter: Navigate to Start button> Settings> Update & Security> Troubleshoot> Fix and Other Problems> Bluetooth. At final step, select Run the troubleshooter and follow the on-screen instructions to solve it.
  6. Make sure you have latest Bluetooth Drivers: If your system has outdated drivers then it may cause some issue for you while connecting to the Bluetooth devices. If you have updated Windows 10 then, such issue are likely to happen. Therefore, you need to update the drivers. Don’t forget to restart your computer after installing the updated driver software.

All the above mentioned points are the top basic solution to troubleshoot Bluetooth issues. Hopefully, your problems will be gone after following the above method. Keep visiting us regarding PC issues and their solution.

Updated: February 19, 2019 — 9:52 am

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