Fix Borderlands 3 – Items Lost and Characters Deleted

If you’ve landed here, I am sure you are devastated you’ve lost your progress and characters. The same thing happened with me, I gave my login to one of my friends to try out the game, he installed the game and for some reason, the Epic Games cloud save replaced my save file with a blank one. Because of this all of my characters and items were deleted.

I tried finding for a solution, took a few hours, still wasn’t able to find the right solution for this. Almost 40 hours of playtime, 30+ legendaries and characters were deleted.

Fix Borderlands 3 Lost Loot and Deleted Characters

But, you might be in luck if there’s a backup in place, whenever the cloud sync happens the most recent file is created as a backup in the save game location folder.

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How To Fix

  • Head to Documents > My Games > Borderlands 3 > Saved > Save Games > “Random Folder with weird name”
  • Here you will find “1.sav” “1.sav.tmp” and “profile.sav”
  • Just delete the 1.sav file and rename the “” to “1.sav”
  • This will fix the corrupted save issue.

If this fixes your issue, well and good. But if you are like me, who had no files other than the “profile.sav” one, then I am afraid to tell you that you’ve lost everything that you had. This is something we should be blaming epic for and their broken cloud saves feature.

The last option for you would be, to ask a friend, or search online for a save file for the game and use it for yourself. That’s what I did, too bad I was a Moze player and now I’ve to play with Flak. Works for me, since I don’t have to run through the whole story again.

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