Fix for Headphones Not Working in Windows 10

Fix for Headphones Not Working in Windows 10- Are you facing the no sound in headphones just after the New Upgrade for Windows 10 on your computer? If this is the case, we can fathom how frustration feeling it is. But, don’t fret. We will help you to bring back your music in an easy and quick manner.

Fix for Headphones Not Working in Windows 10

Things you can try to solve this issue:

First option: Set your headphone as a default device

It may be possible that your system has not set your Headphone as the default device, the result of which is no sound in the headphone. If this is the case, do this manually:

  1. Press Windows + X key on the keyboard and hit on the Control Panel from the pop-up menu.
  2. Now, change your view to Category option and select Hardware and Sound.
  3. Select Sound option available on the next screen and make sure Headphones is selected as Set Default on Playback tab.
  4.  Hit the OK button to finish the task.

Are your headphones working great? If so, good. If not, move to another solution.

Second Option: Renew Audio/Sound Drivers

  1. Make a right click on the sound icon located at the right side of the taskbar.
  2. Now, move to Sounds option that will open a short window on the screen.
  3. Hit on Playback tab and select Speakers/Headphones option and then click on Properties.
  4. Select the Properties button located next to Controller Information option.
  5. Hit on the Change Settings button and then OK.
  6. On the next screen, navigate to the Driver tab and click Update Driver.
  7. Let it download automatically on your computer.
  8. Check connecting your headphone again. This should resolve your issue with Windows 10. If not, restart the system and then check again.

If this also doesn’t fix your issue, try changing the settings in Realtek HD Audio Manager.

Third Option: Change Realtek HD Audio manager settings

Another reason for this issue could be Realtek HD Audio Manager is not configured properly so that it can play sound through the headphone. Tweaking the settings may fix this issue.

  1. Open Realtek HD Audio Manager.
  2. Select the small folder icon shown at the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Tick the box located beside Disable front panel jack detection.
  4. Hit the OK button.

Fourth Option: Remove the IDT audio device

If you have installed IDT audio device then remove them form your system to check if the problem solves.

  1. Press Windows logo key along with X key on the keyboard.
  2. Click Control Panel from the menu that appears to you.
  3. Alter the View by to Large Icons and then hit on Programs and Features option.
  4. Once it is done, remove IDT Audio Driver from the list of installed programs and click Uninstall.
  5. Restart the PC and check if your headphones works now.

One of the other technique will surely help you to eliminate your issue. Feel free to tell us your experience by commenting in to the given below box. Share this post with your friends if they are also confronting the same situation.

Updated: February 19, 2019 — 11:41 am

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