Gears of War 5 Sera Error – Kicked From Multiplayer Bug Fix

Bugs and issues are the worst things in games, especially when it comes from a big title such as Gears of War. There have been multiple reports of people facing this Gears of War 5 Sera Error. The developers have acknowledged the issue and a fix should be issued soon.

Gears of War 5 Sera Error

This is a really annoying error that pops up when you are in multiplayer lobby. There are no known reasons why this is happening but it has something to do with NAT (network). While in middle of the game or in a mission you will randomly get kicked out of the game. You will get a ” You have been removed from the game. The game was ended as an error occurred” error.

Losing progression is the worst, let’s find out how we can fix this.

How To Fix This Temporarily?

  • Perform a ping test
  • Restart the Xbox App, if this doesn’t fix it. Try resetting the app. Many of the issues with the Xbox app is fixed by doing a simple reset.
  • Check for Strict NAT issues and fix them.
  • Make sure your connection is not being routed through a VPN
  • Try switching to OpenDNS or Google DNS.

We will be updating this article as we get more information from the developers. Do let us know if this helped you out.

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