How To Get Spider Vision Triumph – Festival of the lost, Destiny 2

How To Get Spider Vision Triumph – Destiny 2: Spider vision is the hidden triumph that shows up as redacted under the Festival of the Lost tab. Is there a way to obtain it?

There are theories at the moment that you have to solve it by visiting the Spider, he will give you a quest in the last week of the event. But for that, we will have to wait for the last week.

Check out where Xur is this week

How To Get Spider Vision Triumph – Destiny 2

How To Get The Triumph – Buy the “Festival Charm” from Eva. After that complete, any activity such as Crucible or the Haunted Forest while wearing a haunted mask. This will complete the triumph.

Till now, I’ve tried and tested a lot of things. I’ve tried playing the Haunted Forest with the Braytech Auto equipped, I tried finding clues near the spider on Tangled Shore, I tried looking around on Moon, went ahead and even checked EDZ for any areas that might have spiders. But so far, no success. Nothing that matches the description or comes close to solving the triumph.

For now, we can just wait for the last week of the event for this to get solved. Hopefully, Triumph hunters will be able to locate and solve this.

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