HowTo Fix Error 0x8007007e in Windows 10

Fix for 0x8007007e Error – The error ‘0x8007007e’ appears at the time of upgrading Windows to a new version i.e. Windows 10 as a result of which you fails to install the updates for the Windows. Sometimes, you can also see an error like “Windows have encountered an unknown error” or “Failed to install the update/build. Please Try again” while performing for Windows upgrade.

HowTo Fix Error 0x8007007e in Windows 10

Well, whatever the messages reads it will not allow you to upgrade the Windows on your system. Why this error occurs? What make this error to appear on your screen? Well, there can be two different reasons. Firstly the presence of third-party software like an antivirus and the second one is corrupted windows.

If you are clear with the reason then it will be easier for you to resolve the issue. If the reason is Antivirus software then disabling it will fix the problem and it the issue is with Windows files fixing it will tackle the situation.

Follow the given methods to deal with the dilemma of 0x8007007e error.

Solution 1: Disable third party antivirus software

  1. Locate the icon of the Antivirus app that is installed in your PC.
  2. Make a right-click on the icon and then select Disable option.

Now, once this is disabled on your PC. Try to upgrade the Windows again and see if the issue persists. Once the Windows are updates, you can enable the Antivirus software on your computer by following these steps:

  1. Make a right-click on the Antivirus’s icon and select Enable from the given options.
  2. If this doesn’t work, double-select the antivirus icon and then select Enable.

Solution 2: Manually perform reset Windows update

Follow the given instructions to manually restart the BITS, MSI Installer, Cryptographic and the Windows Update Services also, change the name for SoftwareDistribution and Catroot2 folders to tackle this situation.

  1. Press Windows + X keys on the keyboard and open Command Prompt window.
  2. Type the following commands and hit Enter after each.
    • net stop wuauserv
    • net stop cryptSvc
    • net stop bits
    • net stop msiserver
    • ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old 
    • ren C:\Windows\System\System32\catroo2 Catroo2.old 
    • net start wuauserv
    • net start cryptSvc
    • net start bits
    • net start msiserver
  3. Now, exit the Command Prompt window.

Now, try installing the Update again.

Solution 3: Run clean Boot

Doing this will make you sure that the problem is with the software like antivirus or a service.

  1. Open Run command box and type mscofig.
  2. Hit the Enter key and go to Services tab.
  3. Now, select Hide All Microsoft Services option and then click on Disable All button.
  4. Next you have to click on the Startup tab and select Disable All. If you can’t find this option then, go to Open Task Manager and select Disable option.
  5. Reboot your PC now.
  6. Put a check mark on Don’t show this message or launch the system when the System configuration Utility window appears.

Now, you download the updates for your Windows. This will work for sure. Check out our other articles related to issues and solution for Windows 10.

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