net::err_connection_reset Chrome Windows 10 Fix

net::err_connection_reset Chrome Windows 10 Fix – There would be very few people who will not be using Google Chrome as their default browser. This is one of the most used browser by the users that is developed by Google. It is common to face some issues and errors with this browser when you use it daily. These glitches are very annoying and you want to resolve them as soon as possible for a flawless browsing.

net err connection reset Chrome Windows 10 Fix

net::err_connection_reset Chrome Windows 10 Fix

Today, I will guide you about fixing Err_Connection_Reset error which can be done in four various ways. Before preceding towards the solution let’s have a look at the causes behind this issue.

  • Your internet is disconnected or interrupted
  • Firewall is blocking some specific websites
  • Your ISP is blocking certain sites
  • Old registry entries 

Now, you are aware of four possible reasons for this issue. Therefore, here you will learn four methods to rectify connection reset issue that will help you to regain your internet connection again.

Check Proxy Settings

You might be not aware of this thing that, Google Chrome uses proxy settings of your PC as its own settings as it’s not having any built-in proxy settings like other browsers.

Therefore, if you had used any proxy settings in the past and forgot to disable them then it may cause this error.

To put an end to this trouble:

  • Go to Control Panel Window and locate Internet Options.
  • Now, select Connection tab on the window that opens and hit on LAN Settings option located next to Local Area Network settings at below part.
  • On the next window, make sure none of the boxes are selected. Click OK to proceed.

Your issue will be solved after doing this task.

Readjust your IP Address

It’s quite easy to perform by any user. You just need to open the Command Prompt window by going to the Start button and type cmd.exe followed by Enter key. Make sure you are login as administrator. Once the Window appears to you, type “netsh winsock reset catalog” press Enter. Now, reboot your PC and the problem is solved. Isn’t it easy? And, time saving too. Well, if your problem is still the same, don’t fret anymore. We have some more options to settle your problem.

Turn off Your Antivirus or Firewall temporarily

Sometimes, your antivirus prevents you to use the internet connection and blocks the result of which you see Err_Connection_Reset error. However, uninstalling Firewall or Antivirus is not a good idea but you can do it on a temporarily basis to check if this was creating a mess with the internet.

If this is found to be the main reason then, you can add your internet connection to the whitelist in your Antivirus software or you can install another antivirus software to prevent your PC and resolve this issue.

With above listed solutions, I hope you have rectified Err_Connection_Reset error in Google Chrome. If you are able to use your internet without any hindrance do share your experience with us and also help us to know which method has settled your problem.

Updated: March 11, 2019 — 6:52 am

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