How to Fix Nexus Mod Manager Login Error

How to Fix Nexus Mod Manager Login Error – Nexus Mod Manager is a kind of free and open source software through which the user download, install, update and manage the files through an easy portal. The main use of this software is to merge with Nexus sites for the users so that they can have easy and fast modding experience. It supports many popular games like Dark Souls, Skyrim, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, etc.

How to Fix Nexus Mod Manager Login Error

How to Fix Nexus Mod Manager Login Error

Recently, many users have complained about the login error in Nexus Mod Manager, it has been experienced that the user’s access to the website is getting denied at the login screen. This irksome situation is getting experienced by almost all the users. Do you know that, what is the reason behind this cause? If not, then, read this article to know the possible reasons and solution for this error.

Are you looking for some kind of support for Nexus Mod Manager? Well, there is no sort of official support for it. However, the developer keeps on releasing the updates for the online users so that they can have an access of it without facing any difficulty.


Nexus Mod Manager login error generally occurs when:

  • The software/application has been outdated. The developers have released an update after fixing the errors and the old version is inaccessible now.
  • If your system has an antivirus software then, probably it is blocking the connection of the internet to the Nexus Mod Manager. One of the possible reason behind this can be Firewall.
  • Another reason for Login error may be a limited internet connection. The software may not be able to connect with the server. This happens when a user use a proxy server.

Now, you are familiar with the possible reason of Login error on Nexus Mod Manager. Let’s move forward towards the solution of this nagging issue.


Ensure that you are connected to the good speed of the internet and then follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Update the software: The developer of Nexus Mod Manager keeps on releasing the updates to improve the security of the software. Therefore, whenever you face this issue, you must check the updates from the official site. When the new update is released, the old version becomes unwanted. If in case, the applicant doesn’t download the updates automatically, then you need to do this manually. Once the application is updated, you need to restart the system for a fresh start.
  2. Check your Antivirus and Firewall: If you are still facing the login error after updating the application then, its time to check your antivirus software. Sometimes, an antivirus software denies the access because of false positive. To resolve this issue, disable the antivirus software or firewall installed into your system. Now, try launching the application again. Else, you can uninstall it temporarily. Do the same for firewall.
  3. Check Nexus Server: If you have tried both the solution but nothing has changes then, check if the server is active. There are some times when the Application is under maintenance and nary an individual is able to access it. If this is a problem then, you need to keep patience until it is active again.

Try all these methods to resolve your issue and if you still face some kind of error then you can give a try using Reimage Repair Tool which scans and replaces the corrupted and missing files.

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