Remnant From The Ashes – All Merchants in Ward 13

Merchants are one of the most important aspects in Remnant From The Ashes. You cannot progress in the game without their help. In fact you will be needing them more than you think. Now there are plenty of merchants that you will come across in the entire game. The all offer different stuff that contributes towards your progression.

The merchants we have listed here are those who are available in Ward 13. There are others as well but for now we are looking specifically at the ones present in Ward 13.

Remnant From The Ashes – All Merchants in Ward 13

Here is a list of all the Merchants that you will find in Ward 13

Merchant name : Ace

Inventory : Materials

Ace is basically specializes in materials. You will find all the resources that you need for upgrades from Ace. Initially you will get only Iron but as you progress further in the game, you will start seeing more types of materials in stock. From basic to exotic you will find them all here.

Merchant name : Reggie

Inventory : Consumables

If you need consumables in Remnant From The Ashes then Reggie is the merchant you are required to visit. You will find every consumable that is available in the game from Reggie.

Merchant name : Rigs

Inventory : Weapons/Armor

Rigs is probably the most important merchant in the game as this is the place where you upgrade your weapons and armor or purchase new ones if you want.

Merchant name : McCabe

Inventory : Boss items

If you are talking about boss items then you have to talk about the merchant with the name McCabe. If you have managed to get any rare boss item then you can bring it to McCabe and she will craft you different weapons and mods.

Merchant name : Root Mother

Inventory : Dragon Heart upgrade

This is the same woman you free from the tree inside the church and this is the same location where you get the sniper rifle. After you free Root Mother she will be available in Ward 13 waiting to upgrade your Dragon Heart.

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