Remnant From The Ashes audio bug – No sound – How to fix

Remnant From the Ashes has finally made its way to Steam and it surely has managed to receive some awesome feedback. But people started noticing a problem as soon as they started playing the game. The game being a multiplayer title did not have any mode of communication in-game. So players who were playing it online had no choice but to use a third party VOIP software like Discord in order to communicate.

Remnant From the Ashes got its first major update few hours ago already and it looks like the update broke few things. Players are complaining all over the forums that they are experiencing this audio bug where they can’t hear any sound in-game. So it there a fix to this sound or audio bug?

Remnant From The Ashes audio bug – No sound – How to fix

What is the audio bug in Remnant From the Ashes?

It is a bug that got introduced in the latest major patch that hit Remnant From the Ashes few hours ago. The patch size is quite huge and it added a VoIP feature that was missing earlier in the game. The patch did fix few stuff and unfortunately it also broke some.

A lot of players are claiming that they don’t hear any sound coming from in-game after they updated their game. There is no sound from guns, enemies or surroundings. It is truly a bizzare situation.

Is there a fix to this sound bug?

Unfortunately, there has been no official fix for this bug yet. We tried few tweaks here and there but that only caused the game to crash and nothing else. A lot players over the steam forums are claiming that they got their in-game sound back automatically after restarting their game but it looks like this is not the case for majority of the community.

So, we don’t have any other choice but to wait patiently for the developers to come out with a fix for this issue. The good news is they are already aware about this bug and we hope that an official fix would be out in no time.

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