Remnant From The Ashes – How to beat the final boss The Dreamer or Nightmare

Having a tough time beating the final boss in Remnant From the Ashes? Don’t worry we got you. Here is a complete guide of the steps you need to follow in order to beat The Dreamer or Nightmare

Remnant From The Ashes – How to beat the final boss The Dreamer or Nightmare

How to beat Dreamer?

In the first phase of the boss fight you will face Dreamer. If you ask me to give a vivid description about the Dream then I would say that it looks like just a normal human being who got hold of an alien tech. A human wearing a helmet with tentacles.

From what I experienced there are a total of three attacks of the Dreamer:

  • The Dreamer will rush towards and do a spin or swirl attack with the tentacles
  • It will slam the ground and shoot ground energy waves towards you
  • And finally it will shoot red lasers or energy bolts from the robotic tentacles

You can block all these attack very easily if you remain just a little careful. Beating Dreamer is actually quite easy and straightforward. The same old traditional way of shooting the boss until the health bar is completely depleted. No complex or hidden mechanics here

How to beat Nightmare?

Though the first phase is quite easy, the second phase is a completely different story. The second phase will take place once you have managed to beat Dreamer. It will merge with another huge butterfly like body with wings and will become extremely tanky and hard hitting.

Initially if you try to damage Dreamer, it won’t work so don’t bother wasting your bullets and energy yet. Wait till one of the members of your lobby gets teleported to another dimension which is like a shadow realm. Everything inside there is black and red. Inside that realm you will see minions spawning. The job of whoever is in that realm is to kill as many minions as possible. More the kills more will the damage output on Nightmare once the damage phase starts.

The people who stayed outside will have to avoid the attacks of Nightmare and the minions that spawn. The main attack of Nightmare is shooting six fire balls or energy orbs from the wings. They are pretty easy to avoid if you keep your distance.

Once the player inside the realm has killed enough minions, he can exit that dimension by taking the portal. After everybody is back at the main stage start hitting the boss with everything you got. Shoot at Nightmare’s exposed chest and you will the see the health bar of boss depleting at a very fast rate. Continue this process until you have managed to completely defeat Nightmare. And that is how you kill the final boss.

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