Remnant From The Ashes – How to change or reduce the difficulty

Having a tough time surviving in Remnant From the Ashes from the very beginning of your campaign and wondering is there a way to change the difficulty or not? Don’t worry we got you. Here is how to change the difficulty in Remnant From the Ashes.

Remnant From The Ashes – How to change or reduce the difficulty

Is Remnant From The Ashes too difficult?

Well, the difficulty of a game more or less depends on the player playing it. You can find one game easy while the other one difficult. It actually completely depends on what type of games you normally play.

If we are talking about Remnant From the Ashes then I would say that the game is neither too difficult nor is it absurdly easy like those games where you can complete the whole game with a single weapon. No, the difficulty is not on the Dark Souls or Bloodborne level. Instead it feels more like Darksiders 3 where you have to learn the movement of your enemies and you cannot just rush the whole story. In my opinion this is actually a good thing as a lot of times players just rush through the campaign in few hours and then they sit and complain about the game not having enough content. Vanilla Destiny 2 is a good example.

How to change the difficulty?

Now changing difficulty in Remnant From the Ashes doesn’t work like other games. You won’t find the difficulty settings on the menus or other options. Here is what you need to do:

Go to the glowing red stone or checkpoint inside the Command Room in Ward 13

Interact with it

Click on World Settings

Click Reroll Campaign

Now select the difficulty option you want. Normal, Hard or Nightmare.

Remember if you reroll your running campaign then other than your character everything else will reset. All the elements that are random will get rerolled and they might or might not be the same. So make your decision wisely. I would suggest that instead of rerolling your campaign and throwing your progress out of the window, try to farm some Scrap and resources and upgrade your weapons and armor. The in-game difficulty would be indirectly reduced this way.

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