Remnant From The Ashes – How To Get The SMG

With only a couple of hours left for the public release, a lot of guides are hurdled on the internet. Thanks to the VIP release of Remnant: From the Ashes, most of the puzzles in the game have been already solved. We’ve already written guides on obtaining the sniper rifle, solving the bell puzzle, merchants, armor upgrades and so on.

If you are still early in the game, the SMG will help you in the progression. In this guide, I will be covering everything step-by-step that you’ve to do for obtaining the SMG in Remnant From The Ashes.

How To Get the SMG in Remnant from The Ashes

  1. Obtain the Ward 13 Key Card located in the Founder’s Hideout. Once you have the key, use it to get back to Ward 13.
  2. Once you are loaded in, head to the area where you helped the NPC with the generator problem. You don’t have to go into the room, just take the stairs on the left which will take you down to level B2. There you’ll find a locked door that you can open using the key card.
  3. Head all the way back to the end, in the last room there will a fuse lying on the ground (with a red aura around it). Pick that up, and head back to the staircase area.
  4. Now using the stairs, head down to the hall in B3, there will be fuse box in front of you, insert the fuse inside it. After this, interact with the switch. Continue going down to the hall, now use the key card for the door, it won’t unlock. Head back to the fuse box and turn off the power. This will unlock the door.
  5. The newly unlocked room will have a vent with a fan, this fan will be powered down. Once powered down, you can enter it and venture your way down to a new area. This area will have the Ward 13 Master Key (with purple aura around it).
  6. Once you have obtained the Ward 13 Master Key, head back to B2, go down towards the hallway and take a right towards the red room. Go inside the room and follow all the steps.
  7. You have obtained the SMG.

That’s all you have to do to obtain the SMG in Remnant from the Ashes. Do let us know if you face any problem using the comment section below.

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