Remnant From The Ashes – How to upgrade Dragon Heart

There are plenty of powerful items in Remnant From The Ashes and all of them are quite useful but I have to say that the Dragon Heart is one of best items you can lay your hands on.

The Dragon Heart is an extremely useful item and especially when it is upgraded. But how to upgrade it? Well, it is not an easy task and requires some patience. So here is how you can upgrade your Dragon Heart.

Remnant From The Ashes – How to upgrade Dragon Heart

What is Dragon Heart?

The Dragon Heart is an item that you obtain from an NPC pretty early in the game. It is a very valuable item as you can heal yourself completely if you are about to die at some point. Initially you get a total of three heals only from the Dragon Heart but if you want more then you will have to take the time to upgrade it.

How to upgrade the Dragon Heart?

Now there is no direct quest tied to this item that will allow to upgrade it. Instead you will have to free an NPC or should I say a lady in order to upgrade your Dragon Heart. The woman we are talking about here is the Root Mother. You will have to free the Root Mother who you will find trapped in the tree inside a church that you will come across if you simply follow the story. You can find the full details of the quest in out sniper rifle location guide.

Once you free or rescue the Root Mother she will become available in Ward 13 inside the vendor room. But not so fast as you still need some other things if you are willing to upgrade your Dragon Heart. The cost of upgrading the Dragon Heart is 1000 Scrap, 10 Lumenite Crystals and 1 Simulacrum. Though Scrap are pretty easy to find, farming Lumenite Crystals and Simulacrum can be pretty time consuming.

You can find Scrap anywhere in the game but for Lumenite Crystals you need to kill tougher special enemies and for the Simulacrum you need to kill very powerful enemies. If you have everything required then just go ahead with the upgrade as it is quite worth it. One extra full heal with every upgrade is not a bad deal actually. You can use other items as well but nothing beats the Dragon Heart in my opinion.

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