Remnant From The Ashes – Rigs Location – Where to find him

There are plenty of merchants or vendors in Ward 13 and they all have their own locations. The one we are looking at in this article is Rigs. You are here because you are obviously having a tough time in finding him. Don’t worry we got you. Here is where you can find Rigs in Remnant From the Ashes.

Remnant From The Ashes – Rigs Location – Where to find him

Who is Rigs?

Rigs is a vendor or merchant in Ward 13 and probably the most important one. This is the place where you purchase new weapons and armor or upgrade the existing ones. You will find yourself visiting Rigs more often than any other vendor in Ward 13.

How to find Rigs?

After you are done selecting your archetype and fighting will all the enemies inside the Reactor room you will then have to return to Commander Ford. So do what the quest tells you and pay Commander Ford a visit again.

Once you have interacted with her your next quest will be to upgrade equipment with Rigs in armory. Now the question is where is Rigs? Well in order to get to Rigs, exit Commander Ford’s room and take the stairway down to your right and keep moving straight until you come by an enormous room on your left. Cross that room and right before entering the area with L1 written on the wall (the area where you got your Dragon Heart), turn left and keep walking.

Soon you will reach another room which is quite dark and you will find two NPCs inside it. The lady is McCabe and bald guy is Rigs. Interact with him and you are good to go.

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