Remnant From The Ashes – Sniper Rifle location – How to get it

If you ask me to name one of the best type of guns in games overall then my vote would always go to sniper rifles. And fortunately Remnant From The Ashes does have sniper rifles in it. So if you are here to know about the location of the Sniper Rifle in Remnant From The Ashes and how to get it, then don’t worry we got you. Here is how you can get it:

Remnant From The Ashes – Sniper Rifle location – How to get it

There is actually no special way to get the Sniper Rifle and process is pretty straightforward for the most part. The location you are looking for here is a church which you will easily come across after exiting the subway tunnel. As long as you are following the story, locating the church should be very easy.

Once you reach the church just go inside it through the fog door. Make sure you have a decent gear with decent upgrades as you will be facing a boss on the other side.

As soon as you enter the church, the first thing you will notice is a woman trapped in a tree. Go ahead and interact with her or talk to her. You have to agree to free her but don’t worry she is not the boss.

A couple of enemies will show up as soon as she tries to free herself. You have to make sure that the enemies do not kill her. After dealing with the smaller enemies you will then have to face a mini boss which is a mini Gorefist. You know what to do here, kill it before it inflicts damage to the woman. You have to kill the mini boss as fast as possible because it hits pretty hard.

The fight will go on for two minutes straight and as soon as the timer hits zero, the woman will ask you to go through the broken door. But this is where you have to stop. Instead of going through that wall, take your time to look for the door in the back at the other end of the room. Find the door and go through it and keep moving until you reach the end of the corridor. You will then see a stairway, take stairway and go down.

You will notice a couple of crates sitting there. Break them and you will reveal a couple of lockers. Inside one of these lockers and you will get your Sniper Rifle.

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