Fix Steam Disk Write Error in Windows 10 while Downloading

Fix Steam Disk Write Error in Windows 10 while Downloading – Steam is a perfect software for the players who wants to install and update their variety of video games. This software also offers some exciting features like video streaming, voice chatting, cloud services, multiplayer gaming, social networking services, and digital rights. However, most of the users use this software only for gaming purpose.

Fix Steam Disk Write Error in Windows 10 while Downloading

Fix Steam Disk Write Error in Windows 10 while Downloading

If you use Steam and encountered a disk write error while installing the updates for it then, don’t worry as other users have also reported for the same issue. Luckily, you are at the right platform to get the fixes for this problem. Read and follow the given instructions to tackle this issue.

Solution 1: Update your drivers

An outdated/faulty driver may be the reason of the disk write error. Therefore, you should update the drivers to check if it resolves your issue. However, if you don’t have that much technical skills, patience, or skills then, you should do this by Driver Easy. This software will automatically detect your PC type and will locate the correct drivers for it. Update your Drivers with the help of Driver Easy and get rid of this issue.

Solution 2: Remove 0 KB file

The error Steam disk may occur because of the 0 KB file. Therefore, you should check if it is present on your computer and if it is, then delete it.

Here you go:

  1. Press Windows + R and type “%ProgramFiles(x86)%” in the Open box. Click OK.
  2. Head to Steam option and click on steamapps.
  3. Now, select common and scroll down the screen to locate 0KB file.
  4. If you see any file size 0, delete it immediately.

Now, repeat the downgrading/ updating procedure and check if the disk write error has gone.

Solution 3: Remove corrupted files in log

Disk Write error may also be caused by some corrupted files in Steam log. Check for the file and delete it.

Follow the given instructions to do it:

  1. Open Run dialog box and copy paste “%ProgramFiles(x86)%” into the vacant box. Now, hit on OK button.
  2. Now, move to Steam, click Logs and then click Content_log.
  3. Scroll-down the screen to reach the bottom of the file, and check if there’s an error.
    • If yes, then you have to follow the name and path of the bug, and remove the damaged or corrupted file.
    • If not, exit the window and proceed to the next method.
  4. Repeat the download/update and check if the issue is solved.

Solution 4: Inspect the integrity of game files

If some game files are damaged then chances are there that this reason is causing Disk write error.

  • Open Steam and head to Library.
  • Make a right-click on the game where Steam Disk Write error occurs. Click on Properties.
  • Select Local Files tab and click on verify Integrity of Game Files.
  • Wait till the game cache verification completes.
  • Exit the Windows in Steam and exit Steam tool also.
  • Launch Steam again, and download/update the game again and check if the issue has gone.

These were the top five solutions to deal with disk write error. Hopefully, you have eliminated this issue with one or other method. If you are facing some other issues with Steam then, you can check our latest articles about various issues and solutions for Steam site.

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