How to Fix Windows 10 Settings Menu Won’t Open 2019

How to Fix Windows 10 Settings Menu Won’t Open 2019 – Microsoft has tried its best to make Windows 10 as much advanced as it can with new features, easy-to-navigate, friendly apps and new gestures. But, one or another problems keeps on arising.

In Windows 10, Settings app consist of most of the features than the classic Control Panel and that’s why the user needs to open it frequently. But, many users has faced this issue of unable to open Setting appĀ when clicking on the Settings icon on the Start menu. No matter, how often you try and trying it after some interval but nothing works. In fact, some PC users have experienced that the Store app opens while clicking on the Settings icon instead of Settings app.

How to Fix Windows 10 Settings Menu Won't Open 2019

How to Fix Windows 10 Settings Menu Won’t Open 2019

If you have landed on this page to find the solution of this problem then, don’t fret. Here, you will learn the best various fixes to deal with this kind of issue. Let’s depict each and every method in detail:

Method 1: Check the Settings application

Do you know that there is a feature in Group Policy and Windows Registry to disable the settings app? It’s a prime method to check for Settings error.

Settings app has everything which you used to have in Control Panel in older version of Windows. It is created so that it’s easy to use every feature with mouse and keyboard.

You can find this app by going to Start Menu button. It will open up a menu for you where you can see Settings written with a cog-wheel icon. Select this icon to open Settings window. Also, you can do this via pressing Windows + I key on the keyboard.

Now, you can make the changes to your PC. Also, if the Settings window opens on the screen then it means it is enabled on your PC. If Settings app doesn’t open and you see an error message then you need to perform some other action.

Method 2: Use Official troubleshooter

In Windows 10, there are many options to fix particular problems itself. It has released a troubleshooter to resolve minor issues on the Windows. You can download it from the internet. Once it is downloaded, click on the Next button and then let it run a scan to find and fix the possible errors.

First you will see the list of issues that are occurring on your PC and then the suggested fixes will appear on the screen. Hit on Fix button to resolve the problem.

Method 3: Install the required updates.

Installing the latest updates may resolve your issue. Follow the given instructions to fix the problems:

  • Open Control Panel by pressing Windows + S key and select Control Panel from the options.
  • In the search box, type Windows Updates and then select View Installed updates after the search finishes.
  • Inspect the latest updates and install the update KB3036140 if it is not installed on your computer.
  • Once it is done, reboot your PC and check the Settings app if it works.

If this also doesn’t work for you. Create a new user account and then check if the Settings app works. Finally, you have one option i.e. Reset Windows 10. This will work for sure. Read our article for how to reset Windows 10 if you don’t know the method.

Updated: February 20, 2019 — 10:21 am

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