Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Speakers Not Connecting Fix

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Speakers Not Connecting Fix – This is one of the common issue that most of the users have complained in Windows 10. The latest update in Windows 10 is causing glitches with audio including Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speakers. This problem is noted because of two reasons i.ea. Bluetooth function is not turned on and Bluetooth drivers are not compatible.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Speakers Not Connecting Fix

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Speakers Not Connecting Fix

Having wireless devices for computer without getting into the mess of wires is not less than a blessing for PC users unless you run into glitches connecting your Bluetooth or wireless device. If you are facing such troublesome situation then, before applying troubleshoot you should check some basic things.

Basic checks

Firstly, make sure that the Bluetooth is turned on both on the devices i.e. PC and Bluetooth device. This can be checked by clicking on the Start menu button followed by Settings> Devices. Now, locate if Bluetooth is turned on. If not, click on the Bluetooth and turn it on.

Now, when the More Bluetooth settings is opened on the screen, click on the box that says “Allow Bluetooth devices to find the PC”. Once this is done, check if the device is visible in the list. Hopefully, your Bluetooth device is ready to pair with your PC. Pair both these two devices and the problem is resolved.

If the device is not showing in the list then you will have to check the device if its Bluetooth capabilities are enabled. If it was off, enable it and then repeat the same steps as explained above.

If the problem is still the same, don’t worry. Here, in this article we have put a few tips and hints to get you going again. Let’s have a look:

Solution: 1

  • Navigate to the Windows icon and click on it. Type “Services” in the search box, click Services shown on the screen.
  • A dialog box will appear to you where there are so many options. You have to locate Bluetooth support services to open the further options by making a right-click on it followed by Properties option.
  • Select Startup Type option in the Bluetooth Properties window.
  • Now, click on the automatic keyword and then move to the final step by clicking on the Apply. Hit OK.
  • Now, exit all the windows one by one and then restart your computer.

Doing this will resolve your issue for Bluetooth audio devices and wireless displays that are not connecting on Windows 10. However, if you are looking for some other fixed then here we go.

Solution: 2

If Bluetooth is enabled on both the devices but pairing of devices isn’t working all then, you should check the device driver if it is up to date. Outdated device driver may cause such issue.

  • Hit the Start menu and type Device Manager in the search box.
  • Select the right option and then move to Bluetooth option on the window.
  • Locate the name of your device and make a right-click on it to select Options menu.
  • Now, click on Update Driver Software and then select Search automatically.¬†
  • It will search for updated driver software¬† and if found any then install them automatically.

Hopefully, these fixes will vanish your issue. Comment in the given box to ask your queries. We will try to resolve them for you.

Updated: February 19, 2019 — 8:29 am

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