Wolfenstein Youngblood Ammo Storage Upgrade – How To Increase

How to Increase Wolfenstein Youngblood Ammo Storage – If you’ve been playing Wolfenstein Youngblood for some time, you would have surely noticed that you run out of ammo really fast. Running out of ammo when there are tons of Nazi’s shooting at you can be a problem.  Worry not, there’s a solution to this, continue reading to find out.

How to Increase Wolfenstein Youngblood Ammo Storage

Character Upgrades

  • Hit Level 10 first
  • Go to your Character screen
  • Go to the Muscle subsection
  • Buy the first tier of upgrades [It will let you hold 25% more ballistic ammo for most of the weapons]

There are three tiers to upgrade all of them will cost you two points each. Once you reach Level 30 then you can go ahead and purchase the third tier as it will double the magazine capacity of your special Karftwerk weapons.

Weapon Upgrades

You will need plenty of silver coins for this so make sure that you have enough.

  • Open your Upgrade screen
  • Go to the Weapons tab
  • Choose any weapon
  • Buy the Tempo brand upgrades

Every gun has three types of upgrades which are Nadel, Stier, and Tempo. You get more headshot damage from Nadel, more base damage from Stier and ammo capacity from Tempo. So make sure you are buying the right ones.

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